SLS Nylon Lynx Turnaround

Sale price$13.00


This turnaround features updated o-ring groove geometry to improve the reliability of your Lynx.  Each turnaround includes:

  • Qty 1 -123 x-ring
  • Qty 2 -016 o-rings

This turnaround is compatible with both our SLS Nylon Ram and the standard adjustable ram in your lynx. 

Plunger tube installation requires significant x-ring compression. You may need a small blunt probe or stylus to gently work the x-ring into the tube. Make sure you do not press on the x-ring with sharp objects or it may tear during installation. 

Barrel installation can also be a challenge. We find that it's easiest to press down firmly on the barrel with the turnaround resting on a firm, flat surface. Gentle taps with a soft-faced mallet may be necessary, but take care to avoid side loading the parts.


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