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This is a preorder! Orders placed on or after 4/22/24 at the full $150 price will be clear anodized and laser marked and are estimated to ship in late May to early June 2024. Color anodizing will be available in the future. First batch discounted preorders placed prior to 4/22/24 will be bare aluminum and will ship by early May. Update 7/2024: All barrel segments have been machined, and all preorders will be anodized. The first round of barrel segments are back from anodizing, and I will be shipping approximately 20 kits every 2 weeks, meaning that all preorders will be filled by mid-August.

The number one factor driving springer and air blaster consistency, accuracy, and performance is dart to barrel fit. With ever-changing foam sizes between batches from Worker and seasonal variations from temperature and humidity swings, it can be extremely difficult to tune your blaster if you can't find tubing that fits just right.

Our modular barrels will change your game.

Machined in-house from solid 6061-T651 aluminum bar stock, 50mm long barrel segments are available in diameters from 12.6 to 12.9mm. Thanks to their precision threads and tapered pilots, they seamlessly assemble into any configuration you can imagine. Chamber segments allow you to adapt any barrel profile to any blaster, regardless of pusher diameter. 

OD grooves on each segment indicate inner diameter, starting with one groove for 12.6mm up to four for 12.9mm.

Additional chambers, muzzles, add-on packs, and more coming soon!

Kit includes:

5 each: 50mm x 12.6-12.9mm ID segments, 0.1mm increments

1 each: 12.9mm, .527", and Worker 14x8mm profile chamber segments

3 each: 16mm OD x 20mm long muzzle segments

This should be enough to build 2-3 barrels for most blasters.

Maintenance notes:

Barrel segments ship with a light coating of beeswax applied to the male threads as a lubricant, which significantly improves the feel of the threads and also helps prevent cold welding failures. We use this wax although any similar product should work just as well. The service life of the wax is still TBD, but expect to reapply it if the threads begin to feel sticky or crunchy. Keep them clean of dirt and other contaminants, and make sure that you don't cross-thread them during assembly. 

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Great stuff, placed 2nd at Maryland Mayhem with this inside my sbl2. Works like a charm