UNPAINTED Zinc 2.0 SLS Printed Parts Kit

UNPAINTED Zinc 2.0 SLS Printed Parts Kit

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This is a printed parts kit for the 118 Designs Zinc 2.0. All parts are printed in SLS Nylon 12 on a Formlabs Fuse 1/1+. These parts are highly accurate and durable compared to FDM, and will be far easier to assemble than any FDM printed Zinc. 

These parts MUST be painted. The material is naturally dark grey, and due to the realistic silhouette of the Zinc, it is an incredibly bad idea to take an unpainted SLS zinc out in public. Don't be the person who ruins it for everyone. Paint your Zinc. 

These parts are extremely likely to be rejected at customs due to the realistic silhouette of the frame. If you really want to try, contact us and we'll make arrangements at your own risk. We are not responsible for packages seized at customs. You are responsible for knowing and following all local laws that may apply. Frameless kits are also available, and are more likely to make it through customs. The above disclaimer applies to all Zinc printed parts kits.


Upgraded Hardware: 

Hardware upgrade consists of a black nitrided guide rod and PTFE hard anodized plunger stud, as well as a brass catch nut. These parts help prevent galling between the plunger and guide rod, a major issue with the standard untreated parts. Lower friction means a smoother prime and higher performance. Not available for sale separately.

Tips for painting:

Prints are bead blasted and ready for paint. You may want to do a final degrease with a light solvent like acetone or ethanol before painting, but no sanding should be required. Spray-on vinyl dye sticks to nylon extremely well, as do most plastics paints. The surface of the parts is slightly porous, so expect it to "drink" up a lot of paint in your first coat. You'll probably want to spray a white base coat before adding color. Prints are sized to allow clearance for the thickest Cerakote finishes we apply - high gloss, at 2-3 mils. Try not to build up too much paint, as spray paints tend to go on slightly thicker. The wicking action from the print surface will help prevent this to some degree, but drips and runs can compromise performance. 


Assembly notes:

The slide is prone to cracking if flexed too far. Be extremely careful and work slowly when installing the plunger tube. Replacement slides are available for an additional charge.

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