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This is a PREORDER! We want to make sure that this next batch has enough catches in it to last a little while, so we're giving you a chance to reserve them ahead of time! This next batch of catches will be produced on our new dual-spindle lathe, and will therefore look a little bit different than you're used to, but functionality will remain unchanged. We're also upgrading the material to 1045 steel for even more wear resistance and surface hardness.

UPDATE 3/19/24: The catches are back from nitride and REM superfinishing. All catches from this batch are claimed, so any new orders will ship after the next batch is ready. Targeting early May 2024 for delivery.


These Lynx catches are machined from 1018 steel and isotropic superfinished, then plasma nitrided. Engraved with the Roboman Automation logo. This is a bulk order for multiples of 10 Lynx catches. 


The photos are not representative of the current catches - see the individual qty listing for pictures.

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