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This is a PREORDER! We want to make sure that this next batch has enough catches in it to last a little while, so we're giving you a chance to reserve them ahead of time! This next batch of catches will be produced on our new dual-spindle lathe, and will therefore look a little bit different than you're used to, but functionality will remain unchanged. We're also upgrading the material to 1045 steel for even more wear resistance and surface hardness.

UPDATE 3/19/24: The catches are back from nitride and REM superfinishing. All catches from this batch are claimed, so any new orders will ship after the next batch is ready. Targeting early May 2024 for delivery.

The latest generation of our Lynx Catches feature REM isotropic superfinished surfaces that are plasma nitrided to create a hard, wear-resistant surface similar to what you'd find on firearms components. These catches should offer superior wear resistance to all of our previous batches and an even smoother trigger action.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Rytlewski
Great parts

Great parts but took 2 months to get them

Solid Catch

The machining and finish are right on the money, the catch itself is incredibly rigid, and has no flex or give to it, making the trigger feel crisp and the catch snappy. All around good product.

Merlion SIBWQ
changed my life

When i first held a lynx, it catches fine but i knew it was built for more, thus lo and behold roboman paved the path to greatness by providing humankind the roboman lynx catch which are specially crafted for precision, smoothness and reliability for all lynxes.

After purchasing one, upon unwrapping the packaging, i was immediately reminded of my mom's smooth and silky hands that held me when i was merely a child, the catch was that smooth as i inserted it into my lynx.

Upon using it, my lynx felt like a total change, a new beginning, a brand new chapter, the firing motion was so smooth like gods butter and every catch was heard like the applause after a great performance as i was reminded of how far one could go with such a product in our mere hands.

Also the delivery was fast.


The Lynx is the GOAT of all blasters and Robo stuff takes it to a whole new level. Get yourself a robo-catch and feel the buttery smoothness, even with a turf longshot spring.

You deserve a robocatch

Absolute slam dunk of an upgrade to any of the Lynx family of blasters. Machined to perfection, they make for a perfectly snappy trigger pull, especially when paired with a taller sear, make sure to get the brass catch nut!