Cosmic Nomad HPA Dump Tank

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Introducing the first product in our new line of air blaster parts! This QEV dump tank has a storage volume of 12ccs and can operate at pressures up to 300 psi. With 50% more volume than a 40MAX shell, this tank packs a serious punch in a small form factor. The dramatically minimized pilot volume guarantees a snappy response with virtually any pilot valve, even many that would be incapable of driving a SpexBZ or SuperCore. 

You'll notice that there isn't a threaded outlet on these tanks - that's by design. They're intended for use with o-ring face seals, as in the example file linked below, which uses a -012 o-ring to seal between the face of the tank and the rest of the blaster. This attachment method, like the tank itself, requires no tools for installation and is much easier to disassemble for routine maintenance.

Maintenance notes:

This tank should be routinely lubricated with light silicone oil. Thicker greases may cause the poppet to stick. The tank can be disassembled by twisting off the back cap by hand, and should be reassembled hand-tight only. Do not use tools to tighten the tank parts or it is likely that it will not come apart in the future. All seals are standard 70A durometer nitrile o-rings; one each of -011, -014, and -021 are used. If you plan to operate at pressures above 150 psi regularly, it is a good idea to change out the frontmost -011 o-ring for a shore 90A durometer to help mitigate extrusion failure. Additionally, a diffuser in front of the outlet can help build backpressure to prevent o-ring extrusion and improve shot to shot consistency.


External dimensions: 30mm diameter x 50mm long

Pilot port: M5x0.8 straight thread - fitting not included

Outlet diameter: 9.65mm

CAD Download

Example Snap Fit Cradle Mount

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Karl Hunt

Thi is so good I designed a blaster around it. Because of this the Toon lives :-).